Skin Analyser: Backing beauty with science

For many beauty clients, their skin care efforts feel like a never-ending experiment with countless trials and errors resulting in bathroom cabinets filled with unnecessary and unused products. If this is a frustration shared by your clients, then it may be time to consider incorporating our Skin Analyser into your beauty consultations.

Take your beauty business to the next level with Skin Analyser
When it comes to treating your clients’ skin, the consultation process is just as important as the actual treatment – it determines the course of action and forms the foundation for the client relationship and recurring treatments. The consultation process is your opportunity to not only demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in skin therapy, but to analyse and determine the source of the client’s unique skin problems, enabling you to move confidently onto the treatment phase.

Data speaks louder than words. Our Skin Analyser is the world’s most advanced skin detection device that delivers instant, effective and accurate skin analyses of 10 dermis and epidermis skin problems. It also provides treatment and product recommendations, thereby eliminating guesswork and unnecessary trial and errors.

Employing the Skin Analyser as part of your consultation process allows you to engage with your clients on a deeper level and understand their unique complexion, as well as the causes of their specific skin problems. Being able to make an accurate treatment recommendation based on scientific analysis will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and repeat business revenue.

Skin Analyser Features

  • Analyse dry, oily, normal and combination skin types.

  • Analyse skin curvature with 30 analysis images.

  • Analyse keratin levels through precise edge dissection algorithms.

  • Analyse exact pore size and pigmentation.

  • Advise the cause of skin conditions and provide a tailored solution through the skin diagnosis wizard.

  • Effectively manage customer information and save skin analyses results for treatment continuity.

  • Compare customer’s analyses to monitor treatment progress.

  • Customer-oriented interface tailored for customer convenience.

  • Show detailed analysis results and recommend the proper treatment and products.

  • Easily induce treatment course or products when showing results of customer’s skin analysis.

How It Works

Automatic skin analysis that checks moisture, sebum, skin curvature, keratin, pigmentation and pore size.

The Skin Analyser uses filtered UV lights along with a magnified mirror to view abnormalities up to the dermas. When the system emits light onto the skin, the skin cells respond to it in variations depending on their chemical makeup. The reflected light is captured and analysed by the Skin Analyser software, and the images show the skin’s current condition. Sun damage is seen as freckles or dark spots, also known as solar tentigines. Severe skin damage is displayed as sagging, wrinkled skin. Oily skin appears purple, while dry skin is seen as white, flaky patches. Clogged pores are orange dots that usually appear on the nose and cheeks.

The skin detection scan accurately assesses skin age and condition, and evaluates future skin development. It helps to target problem areas and determine the proper treatment and products to help improve skin.

The Skin Analyser is a must-have device for beauty and skin care businesses that wish to increase client conversions by accurately detecting the exact, unique problem and making the correct treatment recommendation, leading to effective, visible results and repeat business.

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Niel Burg